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A gaggle of geese, an unkindness of ravens, a madness of Maddys? This is the podcast you didn't know you needed and while you probably still don't need it, here you are. Mad Chatter is hosted by NSW Swifts netballers Maddy Proud and Maddy ...more

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June 26, 2022 00:57:21
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"Woody is a stress head. He'd have a high error rate"

Just because the netty sesaon is over doesn't mean the poddy season is, too. Things are only just starting to heat up here at Mad Chatter HQ and the one shining light of no netball means more time to talk absolute nonsense and listen to ourselves sing (or just Proud). This week we've changed the structure to align with our structure-less lives which means only 3 'parts' but plenty of lols and good chats. We discuss what the next few months hold for us all, we reveal some incredibly sad news but we pick it all up at the end by sharing some of your fantasy netball teams! It seems that Oprah, Spiderman and Destiny's Child are going to be hot property but personally I'd just take a team full of Harry Styles's. We apologise in advance for the chaos - we're still in mourning x  ...



June 11, 2022 01:01:39
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"I was a teenager in the 90s!"

Q. How much Maddy is too much Maddy?  A. The limit does not exist. For those of you who come here only for the interviews, we apologise. We can't get enough of the sound of our own voices so this week is all about us (again). But in a fun way... we hope. We know how awkward first encounters can be so we've put together some entertaining ice breakers to ensure we can all get to know each other and make the podcast environment a little warmer. We've also answered some of your 'controversial opinions' and we even learn who we really are thanks to Buzzfeed.  If all else fails, at least we had fun recording this episode. We hope you don't hate us by the end x  ...



June 04, 2022 01:03:10
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It's late, we know. But it's been a big week AGAIN. The Swifts are on the hunt for a finals spot and Flashmob Maddy has been trying to keep her chaotic mother in line. So pls don't hold the delay against us, we're just 3 entrepreneurs really trying our best. This week's ep is a little different... we've added a few new 'fun' segments, one of which involves us discussing the hottest news stories of the week (*cough* Liam Payne being cancelled *cough*). As always, we are keen to hear your feedback so if there's anything you want more (or less) of, drop us a line. And before you ask, no, you can't request that we talk about 1D less (@maddyturner). Happy listening xx  ...



May 27, 2022 01:21:37
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"Is hotdog a euphemism?"

ROJOICE PEOPLE, the band's back together! And no, before you start tweeting and texting every person you know, we don't mean One Direction, we mean the Maddy's of Mad Chatter. Geography and time have finally lined up and we have found ourselves in the same room for the first time in what feels like YEARS! And let's just say we did not disappoint. Not only have we produced our longest episode yet, we've also pulled off an absolute blind side and stitched up one of our own. There's only one way to find out what we did and who we did it to - LISTEN TO THE DAMN EPISODE! Without giving anything else away, let's just say we have taken this episode to the next level and it may include MULTIPLE A-List guests... HAPPY LISTENING! ...



May 20, 2022 00:51:22
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"Once again this podcast is about me, not you!"

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? We sure hope so! We can't apologise enough for our tardiness and for making you wait a WHOLE 2 WEEKS to have us in your ears again. But as we've mentioned many-a-times, BLAME GRACE PARKER! For those 2 people who don't know, Maddy Proud's second book, Grace back on Court, was released last week hence the lack of poddy. Just remember guys, it's available IN ALL GOOD BOOK STORES! Back to the poddy... We have definitely made up for missing last week with an ICONIC guest who some of you will be VERY happy to be hearing from again. We may have had to beep out a few f bombs and edit out a few inapproprate stories but that's why we love this guest. There's only one way to find out who it is... HAPPY LISTENING! ...



May 05, 2022 01:09:24
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"I ask for no honey, she gives me honey"

They say "it's a daughter's job is to piss off their mother" so maybe that means "it's a son's job to take the piss out of their mother". Context to this quote will be revealed through this week's interview with a very special mother.  We pay homage to the women who brought us into this world by discussing their jobs as factory workers, their efforts during book week and their likeness to the great Johnny Farnham.  WARNING: This episode contains way too much oversharing.  Happy listening x  ...